the hand of dooser

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yesterday was another check up. I looked. He said there's only one 'oozy' spot on the index finger that needs looking after. It's ugly. It was time, he said, that i change my own dressings at home. i could get em wet, clean em off and such. then pat em dry and re-dress. "oh yea, shower with em off and get em all nice and wet."

so this morning i embarked on the mission of changing them myself. the ring and long went well. did those at the same time. then it was mr index's turn. i got as far as the tip. then, i noticed the wire moving. holy shit that was scary. mom called up the doc. 'well, maybe it's just the white cap that's moving' i say. try it some more. nope. it's the pin. i could feel it moving too....inside my bone. great. my life is ruined. this is terrible. i had to get off as much band-aid as possible. then i re-bandaged the oozy part. then put some gause over the pin. and tape over the gause as to hold the pin in. it was quite nerve-racking.

at the doctors i tried to undo it myself. i trusted no one playing with a pin in my finger while i'm not on anesthesia. so i cant get the band-aid off entirely myself, so schingo helps but takes it off in such a way that it got caught up with the pin cap and band-aid that was on it. it was moving back n forth while he was doing this, mind you. so then it was all off. he wiggled it. "yep, it's loose." then pulls this 2 to 2.5 inch pin out of my finger. yea, that was def. fun. you should try it. go ahead. im telling you, there's nothing like it.

so now i have some cheap ass finger splint on the finger upside down in an attempt to stabilize it. yea, that feels sturdy. what about when i have to take it off to change the bandage? my finger's f'in were the ones telling me about how it'd be limp without something because of the loss of bone.

i would say 'my ass' here, but it's my finger.