the hand of dooser

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I don't know if i've mentioned, but just band-aids on ring/middle. plus gause to cover up the ugliness. the index has the original small yellow-type gause, then regular gause. then a plastic splint type thing. it's shaped like a thimble with four corners that go up along the finger. the tube gause. the splint and tube gause keeps coming off at night (last night and the night before).

today we go back at 1:30.

Before my left hand, and basically arm, was nearly useless. now i have more use. i can use the thumb and pinky. sometimes i can push a piece of paper between my thumb and index, if i cant do it lightly enough. turn door knobs with the thumb and pinky hurts, it seems to pull on (the stitches maybe?) the middle/ring fingers.

it;s still aggravating. reaching absent-mindedly for something with my left hand. or thinking the bandage is something im holding in my left hand, and trying to switch it to my right (sometimes trying again immediately afterwards thinking perhaps i can't get a good grip).